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"Fantastic session. Huge enthusiasm from the presenter. Quite inspirational. It would have been worth the day just to attend this session."

​"Very interesting, and liked how she related her story back to the key themes of the day. Great energy, highly engaging presenter"

​"Very inspiring, great to hear her story and with hard work and a little bit of luck we can all follow our dreams :-)"

​"What an inspiring discussion! Jodie is amazing - would have been a great keynote."

​"Fantastic, very inspiring, lots of good learnings for the team"

​"What and amazing case study and individual. Some of the lessons learned from mistakes, the role of luck and how digital networks work, personal challenges etc were incredibly honest, candid and positive in their message. Also a person who knows that business backwards. Pragmatic, competitive, driven, differentiation and innovation etc"


Technology and how to use it to optimise disruption

Technology has lowered barriers to entry and geographic distance from the marketplace. It is at a tipping point where it is the enabler - it allows us to imagine the most seamless, ideal solution and then make that a reality. Here's a little bit about why this is so important at​

Retail: clicks to bricks, multichannel retailing, the future of retail

​In January 2013, we opened our very first offline retail store. It wasn’t in a bid to follow the trends that had been forecast of “multichannel” and “omnichannel” but instead to solve a problem for our customers. The most popular question we’d fielded since starting the business was: “What will my shoes look like in real life?” and this makes sense because ultimately - you’ve got to see it to want it. With trillions upon trillions of possible design outcomes making it impossible for us to make every shoe, the closest thing was to offer an experience.

But an integrated experience isn't the height of retail possibility at - We see the future of retail in offering the ultimate convenience in knowing what you want before you ask. 

The personal journey of an entrepreneur: The truth as nobody tells it

​Biographies often don’t share the moments where you feel like you’ve totally failed. They don’t talk about the moments when you want to walk away. The times where you don’t have an ounce of belief left in yourself. Nor the anxiety, sacrifice and pure courage that it takes to stand up and… fail again. 

But - it's all normal. And the more we talk about and normalise these things, the faster we'll get past these feelings and to better businesses. I'd love to share my experience in this. 

How to deal with "failure" and how to properly assess the possibility of failure so it doesn't become a barrier to taking a step forward. 

Fear of failure is a very powerful and challenging emotion to beat. And it's critical to overcome it to be an innovator. With a few key tools, you can get clarity and make some great decisions

Stopping expertise from getting in the way of a good idea

As adults we’ve spent a great deal of time learning our trade or expertise. This often creates a set of parameters that we mentally apply before opening our mouths. Of course this has benefits in looking to hone in on the target more quickly. But, sometimes the best solutions are outside of the rules we know. These solutions are normally get labelled  as “innovations”.

Innovation: What it is, how to foster it

​This type of problem-solving starts with identifying the right problem and then applying boundless imagination. We use intuition, data and surveys to get to what the problem is. And then we brainstorm in an unedited way to find the answer. We don’t think about what already exists. We don’t think about what’s possible - we dream of the answer that would be completely perfect and then work back from there.

Agile: Why you have to do everything before you are ready

​Being a lawyer by trade the idea of sending something out into the world before it is entirely complete is terrifying. But in the world of start-ups minded for fast, lean growth operating online, there is no room for hesitation. Today’s idea held back is tomorrow someone else’s execution.

How to change from a traditional career to your dream career

​In searching for my career, I interrogated everyone in my life. I wanted to understand what they loved and hated about what they did and the industry they were apart of. And then, importantly, I wrote my own list - of the things that would make me happy in my life. Not just in my career, but my life. Too few people remember to do this. We sabotage our chances of doing something we would actually love by just looking at what’s out there that might fit with what we can do.

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